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Getting There

By Railway - Take the Manx Electric Railway to Laxey Station. Walk along the Electric Railway Lines in the direction of the wheel. At the bridge over the valley, walk down the footpath on the right to the Valley Gardens from the junction of the main Laxey to Ramsey Road and Captains Hill. The railway is sign posted and visible from roadside and footpath.

By Car - The railway is near the village of Laxey where the B11 crosses the A2 Douglas to Ramsey road. Park near the Electric Railway Station or in the car park across from the Laxey Valley Gardens. Follow walking directions after parking as above.

By Bus - The railway is served by bus routes no. 3 and 3A from Ramsey and Douglas and 13, 13A and 13B from Douglas. Take the stop in the town centre near the Manx Electric Railway Station. Follow walking directions after alighting as above.


The map below shows the location of the stations on the Great Laxey Mine Railway, click on the markers to see the station name. Use the zoom and pan tools to explore the map.



Trains run every Saturday from Easter until late September and every Sunday during August plus Bank Holidays, Laxey Fair Day (trains run in the evening) and Tynwald Fair Day.

Special events are also held in July and October, see British Heritage Railways events diary for details (see link below)

Trains run every few minutes from 11.00am until 4.30pm



Attractions and Facilities

There are no refreshment facilities on site but there is a café and pub nearby.
Wheelchair-bound passengers cannot be carried on the railway.



The Great Laxey Mine Railway is located on the eastern side of the Isle of Man and runs between Valley Gardens on the site of the mine’s washing floors to the Mines Yard terminus in the Great Laxey Mine and Waterwheel complex. The line passes through a 70m tunnel (the only railway tunnel on the Isle of Man) under the Manx Electric Railway and A2 road.

The tunnel is small and restricts the size of rail vehicles that can be used on the line. The railway was not originally built for carrying passengers and the new carriages had to be specially designed for the line. Due to the size restriction they are fairly cramped and not suitable for use by people with reduced mobility.

The restored line has been built to 19” gauge replicating the original track, this is the only line in Britain to use this gauge.

Trains comprise a locomotive and one carriage which is accessed at the end and has a single full length bench along one side. There is no fixed timetable, trains run as frequently as required to suit passenger numbers.

On days when the railway runs it is an ideal way to travel between the Manx Electric Railway station and bus stop to the Laxey wheel, the largest working waterwheel in the world and the most visited attraction on the Isle of Man.

The Great Laxey Mine Railway is entirely operated by friendly volunteers of the Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust who need your support. Visitors to the Isle of Man should not miss the chance to ride on this unique little railway.

A tiny mine railway with the only railway tunnel on the Isle of Man

Located in the village of Laxey, on the eastern coast of the Isle of Man, the Great Laxey Mine Railway runs along the surface section of the tramway which once carried lead and zinc ores from deep inside the Great Laxey Mine. Its 19-inch gauge is unique to Britain.

The line is a delightful way to travel from the Manx Electric Railway station at Laxey to the Laxey Mine and Wheel complex.

Brief History

Great Laxey Mine Railway at a Glance

Type: Preserved Mine Railway

Gauge: Narrow, 19”

Length: ¼ mile

Stations: 2

First use of steam traction: 1877

Closed: 1929

Re-opened in preservation: 2004

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Contact Details

Headquarters Address:




Great Laxey Mine Railway
34 Mines Road
Isle of Man

01624 860186


Mines Yard
(for Laxey Wheel)