Tornado Booked for Ribble Steam Railway

Tornado Booked for Ribble Steam RailwayThe Ribble Steam Railway has landed a visit by new-build A1 No. 60163 Tornado between 26-29 May 2012. The mile and a half long RSR on part of Preston’s old docks network is more usually associated with industrial locomotives working its heritage passenger trains and handling commercial freight in the form of Lanfina bitumen trains to and from the national network.

It is the link to the national network over which the tanker trains are operated which is the key to the high-profile visitor for 2012. The appearance of the A1 has been arranged in the year of the Preston Guild, a civic celebration of great antiquity held every 20 years which draws huge numbers of visitors to the city.

Tornado is to work 10 passenger trains each day during the four days it visits the RSR.

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