British Heritage Railways Website Upgrade

The British Heritage Railways website has undergone a major upgrade and the new website is now in place.

The website still includes everything that was there before but has been reorganised and further information has been added. This includes as A-Z page with all the railways and museums that will be included, these are also shown on the regional maps.

The heritage railways have been reorganised into the former British Railways regions as they were between the geographical reorganisation of 1963 and the amalgamation of the Eastern and North Eastern regions in 1967. The regional colours have been incorporated into the navigational totems and map areas. This is more logical than the somewhat random areas used previously.

The following has been added:

  • More images incorporated into flash galleries
  • Route diagrams
  • Contact details for each railway or museum
  • Seaton Tramway page

The order of the information on each page is now:

  • Images
  • Route diagram
  • Page Navigation
  • Introduction
  • Map
  • Getting There
  • Attractions and Facilities
  • Operation
  • Brief History (now in bullet points with year headings)
  • Review
  • Links
  • Contact Details

I hope you find this useful, more preserved railways will continue to be added on a regular basis.

Click here to go to the Home page.

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