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British Heritage Railways is a authored by railway enthusiasts and historians with many years of accumulated experience and knowledge which we want to share with anyone who is interested in preserved trains and railways.

The purpose of British Heritage Railways is to bring together interesting facts and first hand impressions of all the railway preservation sites in Great Britain and it's surrounding islands.

I have visited a good number of railways, museums and other sites and travelled on most of the railways I’ve visited. I will continue in an attempt to see them all. Of course, Britain’s railway preservation sites are being added to all the time so I have my work cut out.

The information on these excellent attractions is gathered together and organized from my blog posts, this is where you will find the most recent news and articles.

Please help to support the work of British Heritage Railways by using the Amazon links for anything you need to buy online or by making a donation.

I hope you find this website useful and that you will enjoy some terrific days out visiting the sites and travelling on Britain' s beautiful heritage railways.

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